Wrote about us: The 11 Best Woodworking Benches of 2023

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Two models of our workbenches are on the list of the 11 best woodworking benches of 2023.

The rankings were compiled by thespruce.com based on independent investigation and testing.

Every woodworker, whether new or experienced, needs a good woodworking bench. Kelly Bacon, a licensed general contractor and member of The Spruce's Home Improvement Review Board, expands on what to look for when shopping for a woodworking bench: "A woodworking bench can be as simple as a piece of plywood on top of sawhorses or a beautiful workbench made with intricate joinery, fine hardwoods, and a large and heavy footprint in your shop. If you mostly do small woodworking projects, something light and portable will probably be sufficient. If you are building pieces of furniture where boring, planing, and chiseling are required, a more substantial bench will work much better."

"The main things I require when woodworking are a fairly thick wood tabletop that won’t “bounce” when hammering on chisels or deflect  when planing or sawing. A sturdy base and good-quality vises and bench dogs are also musts." 

"Important things to consider when researching woodworking benches are your budget, the type of projects you expect to do, your workshop space, and whether or not you need a table that can be stored or transported easily."

Top Picks:
1. Rockler Beechwood Workbench
- Best Overall
We produce this workbench for our partner with the Rockler brand for the American market. These are our models Advanced 1700 and Advanced 2000.
+ available in more lengths
+ very sturdy solid beechwood
+ lots of dog holes for versatility

2. BLACK+DECKER Workmate 425 Portable Workbench - Best Budget
3. Olympia Tools 48-Inch Workbench - Best for Beginner
4. WORX Pegasus Plastic Workbench - Best Portable
5. Windsor Design 4-Drawer Workbench - Best with Storage
6. Craftsman 2000 Series Workbench - Best All-Purpose
7. Gladiator Adjustable Workbench - Best Adjustable Height
8. RAMIA Finish-It-Yourself 1500 Workbench - Best DIY Finish
This is our Finish It Yourself workbench.

+ excellent quality
+ two high-quality vises included

9. Grizzly Heavy-Duty Workbench - Best Heavy-Duty
10. Yukon 60-Inch 3-Drawer Workbench - Best for Home Workshop
11. Sjobergs Junior/Senior Workbench - Best Small

source: https://www.thespruce.com/best-woodworking-bench-5097469

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