About us

RAMIA s.r.o. is a purely Czech family company specializing in manufacture and sale of wooden joiner’s benches and workbenches. The history of manufacture of joiner’s benches in Písek (our home town) dates back to the 1st half of the 20th century. The RAMIA s.r.o. (Ltd.) company was established in 2006. It continued with both the manufacture of traditional joiner’s benches and the development of new joiner’s benches for professionals and handymen. This tradition is an obligation for us and, at the same time, quality assurance for our customers. Preferring Czech suppliers, we carefully select them.

The brand RAMIA Workbench is very well known in many countries and our products are used by professional joiners and carvers, domestic hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts as well as by schools and vocational training centres. Our products are available in the EU, USA, Canadian, Australian, Japanese and other markets. With production of over 10 000 pcs per year, our company belongs among the TOP producers of workbenches in Europe.

To ensure a long service life and high resistance of the products, all joiner’s benches are made of high-quality beech wood. Necessary accessories for the final assembly include special trapezoidal-thread vices which provide for the function of the product significantly. Final products are supplied with complete accessories, such as bench dogs, spindles, spindle wrenches, etc. You can also find optional accessories like cupboards, vice protectors, etc., in our range.              

Our workbenches are produced in the Czech Republic and all materials used for production are made by Czech suppliers.

Workbenches are shipped in disassembled conditions, so home assembly is required. They are wrapped in five-layer cardboard with expanding foam to protect against damage during transport. Assembly is very simple; each package includes detailed assembly instructions in 3 languages.

RAMIA s.r.o. is offering several models of the best selling workbenches for DROP SHIPMENTS! Drop shipments are becoming very popular in many companies as one of the cheapest way to offer such big products like workbenches. The main advantage of drop shipment is that you don’t have to keep products on stock. We store them for you and ship benches directly to your customers. Drop shipment details will be provided on request as well as high quality pictures for your marketing activities and all important data about workbenches.

The design of RAMIA joiner's benches always lays stress on quality, integrity and service life.

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