Producer of workbenches


PRO Series

Highest-quality joiner's benches for professional usage

RAMIA s.r.o.

HOBBY Series

Wooden workbenches suitable for smaller workshops

RAMIA s.r.o.


Wooden workbenches for 2 or more persons

RAMIA s.r.o.

Why our work tables?

RAMIA s.r.o. RAMIA s.r.o.

Quality and honesty

The design of RAMIA joiner's benches always lays stress on quality, integrity and service life.
RAMIA s.r.o. RAMIA s.r.o.


To ensure a long service life and high resistance of the products, all joiner’s benches are made of high-quality beech wood. Preferring Czech suppliers, we carefully select them.
RAMIA s.r.o. RAMIA s.r.o.

Family-owned Czech company

RAMIA s.r.o. is a purely Czech family company specializing in manufacture and sale of wooden joiner’s benches and workbenches.
RAMIA s.r.o. RAMIA s.r.o.

A long tradition

The history of manufacture of joiner’s benches in Písek (our home town) dates back to the 1st half of the 20th century. The RAMIA s.r.o. (Ltd.) company was established in 2006. It continued with both the manufacture of traditional joiner’s benches and the development of new joiner’s benches for professionals and handymen.
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