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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic
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Flexible Friend


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Delivery: on stock

Guarantee: 24 months

Shipping costs: FREE in EU
(only for end customers, only to mainland countries)


SPECIAL OFFER - set of accessories for free

When ordering this workbench you will receive clamps, aluminum pads and cork pads worth 75,- EUR from us.



Important information

• without surface finishing
• block laminated beech wood
ensures high resistance and long service life

Standard equipment:
1x set of round bench dogs (HOBBY)
1x front vice with spindle key

This product is protected by EUIPO.
Registration number: 007828249



LxWxH (without vices):1350x500x850 mm
LxWxH (incl. vices):1350x650x850 mm
Top thickness:27 mm
Front vice (size/span):360x55/130 mm
Weight:36 Kg
Shipping dimensions:1380x530x80 mm

Product description

We are pleased to introduce our new work table intended for the general public, the Flexible Friend model. As the name suggests, this table will become your friend in many situations, and its excellent properties and ideal dimensions will be appreciated during any activity, whether in your workshop, in the garden, or around the house. Flexible Friend has a vice and holes for bench dogs. You can make use of this especially for more demanding activities such as sawing, planing, grinding, milling, and more – in short, whenever you're doing more complicated and you need to clamp material of various shapes and sizes.

Thanks to its dimensions and weight, you can move it by yourself to where you need it. After you finish your activities, you will certainly appreciate being able to fold it up easily and move it to a location where it won’t get in the way.

You will appreciate it during activities including fence repairs and maintenance, painting various materials, garden tool and equipment maintenance, replanting, and even barbecuing.

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