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Ramia - Quality mark - made in czech republic
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Goal Premium

Important information

workbench for 2 persons
solid beech wood
• varnish or oil surface finishing
tool well and open shelf

Standard equipment:

4x large square bench dogs, 4x spindle keys



LxWxH (without vices):1900x815x860 mm
LxWxH (incl. vices):2320x1125x860 mm
Top thickness:30 mm
Apron depth:120 mm
Front vice (size/span):500x55/190 mm
Tail vice (size/span):470x120/180 mm
Weight:113 Kg
Shipping dimensions:2350x850x200 mm


Product description

This model is made for 2 working persons and is designed for smaller manufacturing workshops, school workshops and workshops with workbenches arranged in free space. The workbench is made of high-standard continuous beech board. The workbench is equipped with 4 vices. The front carriers are 500 mm long and 55mm thick and provided with compact fitting with a central bolt and two guide bars. The rear carrier is 480mm long with a central bolt and guide bars. The rear vice includes 2 holes for square stoppers. Another 9 stopper holes are available in the panel and arranged to allow for clamping and working of the greatest possible variety of parts and part dimensions. There is a tool and small part holder in the centre of the panel. A tool box is mounted under the workbench work top.

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RAMIA s r.o.
Ocelkova 643/20, 198 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Zátaví 58, 397 01 Písek, Czech Republic

Phone.: +420 382 264 450



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